About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a natural means of healing rooted in the body’s ability to heal itself.  A chiropractor’s job is to remove interference from the nervous system, allowing the body to heal itself. The nervous system is the communication system of the body.  Any interference in the nervous system results in a compromise in the messages sent from your brain to your organs, muscles, tissues, and cells. The nervous system is accessed by the chiropractor through the patient’s spine.  Doctors of chiropractic perform adjustments – very specific, low force thrusts to increase spinal range of motion.

Nervous system interference mostly manifests as stress.  Three common stressors are thoughts, traumas, and toxins.  Thought stress can include anxiety, fear, negative attitudes in our lives, and our own negative thinking to mention a few.  Toxic stress manifests as chemicals that enter the body.  This includes poor diet, tabacco, drugs, heavy metals, excessive alcohol, excessive sugar, ect.  Traumatic stress takes two main forms:

1) Acute trauma – car accident or a fall.

2) Repititive trauma – poor posture (think working on a computer for an extended period of time).

Chiropractic assists in bringing a person back to a state of ease and balance.  I could talk about it all day really, but it is something that is much better understood by experiencing it. Call and schedule today to have your own experience!


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