Chiropractic FAQ’s

My car accident was only a 5 mph collision, is it possible that I’m hurt?

It’s absolutely likely. You can be sure that your body absorbs a great degree of force with the average vehicle weighing close to 2 tons!

I didn’t feel so bad the day of the accident, but two and three days later I’m in a great deal of pain. What’s going on?

This is a very common experience for automobile accident victims. A 10-14 day window to feel the full effect of the accident is common.

Some useful auto accident facts:

.How does chiropractic work?

Chiropractic is a natural means of healing rooted in the body’s ability to heal itself. A chiropractor’s job is to remove interference from the nervous system, allowing the body to heal itself. The nervous system is the communication system of the body. Any interference in the nervous system results in a compromise in the messages sent from your brain to your organs, muscles, tissues, and cells. The nervous system is accessed by the chiropractor through the patient’s spine. Doctors of chiropractic perform adjustments – very specific, low force thrusts that increase spinal range of motion and messages received from the brain.

What type of education do Doctors of Chiropractic receive? Chiropractors receive an intense education that is similar to the education of medical doctors. It takes a minimum of 6 years to become a chiropractor. Follow this link to see a comparison of the two educations –

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

An adjustment is a very specific low force impulse into the spine. The adjustment restores joint range of motion which is crucial to the nervous system.

Do children need chiropractic care?

Children are excellent candidates for chiropractic care, in fact, they are ideal candidates. In childhood and adolescence the body is developing. Chiropractic helps create excellent conditions for their development. Remember, the nervous system is the communication system of the body. During development, we want every cell, tissue, muscle, and organ receiving every message the brain is sending.

Are all patients adjusted the same way?

No. Different patients need different care. Many of the adjustments are similar in appearance, but with subtle variations depending on the patient.

Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes. There are risks associated with any treatment of any type, but chiropractic is very safe compared to many options. Insurance premiums are based on risk. Chiropractors pay very low malpractice premiums compared to most doctors.

What is the sound during the adjustment?

Fixated, or stuck, joints often trap gas. The sound is actually gas that is released from the joint during the adjustment.

If you go to a chiropractor once, do you have to go the rest of your life?

Of course not. Many people visit the dentist for regular check-ups, floss, and exercise regularly in an effort to establish maximum health. We see the best results from patients who follow their initial treatment plan and then transfer to maintenance care.



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