Patient Testimonials

I had the very fortunate opportunity to visit Dr. Kaz Baczinskas when one day I woke up with very severe back pain. I had resisted visiting a Chiropractor for years because I didn’t think they could do anything for me, but severe pain and discomfort made me willing to try anything. Dr. Kaz was very thorough taking my history and identifying my problem and the source of my pain. The chiropractic adjustment was an interesting experience that initially left me feeling very awkward, but the results were soon very apparent. I not only was relieved of my pain, I felt better than I had in a very long time. I slept great that night. It was remarkable and I have returned several times since for treatment with Dr. Kaz. Upright Motion Chiropractic is conveniently located, quite private and extremely comfortable. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Kaz a bit and even talk a little shop, being that I work in a law office that handles personal injury accidents. It didn’t take me long to realize that he possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the personal injury field. I believe Dr. Kaz is a great option for patients who have been in an auto accident in addition to those with every day aches and pains.
-Dominic C., Paralegal

Having had chronic issues with my back and my neck for many years, I have been seen by many chiropractors. I am also very picky when it comes to adjustments due to my special circumstances. Dr. Kaz has and continues to provide treatment that relieves my pain. Dr. Kaz is thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He always, no matter the circumstances, takes the time to explain answers to my questions, make me comfortable with the treatment plan, and address any concerns that I may have. Dr. Kaz is not only concerned with alleviating my pain, but also in explaining preventative measures such as stretching techniques or exercises that I can do at home to maintain feeling my best. Being a chiropractor is not just a job to Dr. Kaz – it is a passion, that is very apparent. His practice exudes skill, knowledge, and compassion in one – a very hard find!

Shaunna Gramm, RN

I recently had a problem with my back, and I called Dr. Kaz. I described my symptoms to him over the phone, and I was impressed with his knowledge of what might be my problem. He listened, asked questions, and suggested I make an appointment. When I talked to his receptionist, she was very friendly, and I was able to make an appointment that fit my busy work schedule. My visit with him relieved my pain, thanks to his personal care and his use of equipment. He also advised me about how to try to avoid injury in the future. His office is conveniently located, easy to find and lots of parking. His office and treatment area are clean, quiet, and fully equipped with modern equipment. I have been using chiropractors since I was 14 years old. Dr Kaz is the best chiropractor I’ve had the pleasure of using. I will continue to use him, and I highly recommend him to anybody who needs chiropractic services.

Louis L.

Friendly Staff and a nice comfortable office. Dr. Kaz cares above and beyond. Very knowledgeable Doc. Problem areas 100% better after a couple visits. Would highly recommend.. 5 stars all the way.

Kyle Fisher

Dr. Kaz was my first chiropractor and it was right after being injured in a car accident. I was nervous from hearing other’s misconceptions about chiropractors, but Dr. Kaz’s expertise and calming nature put me at ease at once. I have no doubt his skill and technique allowed me to recover and heal without issue. I’m a true believer of chiropractic work, thanks to Dr. Kaz!

Alicia Pace


2 thoughts on “Patient Testimonials

  1. After putting up with the discomfort of lower back pain for several weeks—mostly because I just don’t like to go to the doctor—I decided to call Dr. Kaz, whom I had met some time before at one of the local tennis centers.

    But first, the back story: My husband, also a tennis player, had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for several weeks when he too met Dr. Kaz. As guys often do upon meeting a professional, my husband immediately asked, “Doc, what can I do?” To my surprise, Dr. Kaz took the time, at the tennis center, to explain what causes plantar fasciitis and suggested a couple of things my husband could do to accelerate the healing process. Following Dr. Kaz’s instructions, in short time my husband was back on his feet and enjoying tennis again. My husband had suffered the same injury a couple of years earlier and swore this time, because of following Dr. Kaz’s instructions, the recovery period was much shorter. This left an impression on me.

    Fast forward now to my injury; remembering how Dr. Kaz had helped my husband, I decided to make an appointment because of my lower back pain. Fortunately, my problem turned out to be only a muscle strain. Treatment took only one visit, a few exercises to do at home, with a follow up a week later. I’ll tell you, playing tennis does not hurt anymore. Dr. Kaz provides treatment with excellent manner and takes the time to explain the issue, the cause, and the treatment and expected recovery. Are you anxious about visiting a chiropractor? I used to be—but not any longer. Dr. Kaz IS my “Go-To Guy” to keep my body strong and well. I highly recommend Dr. Kaz for anyone needing help to get their body back in motion.

    Sandra V.

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